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trust your gut

About Protexin

As an owner, you want to know you’re doing the very best for your dog. At Protexin, we help you stay proactive. We keep your dog’s gut healthy and happy, so they stay healthy and happy too. That’s smarter pet care, powered by biotics.

The Science

Introducing Protexin Biotics

With over 30 years of expertise behind them, Protexin Biotics is our pioneering approach to supporting a healthy microbiome, the community of good bacteria that live in your dog’s gut. Recommended by veterinarians, Protexin Biotics help support the natural balance in your dog’s gut, so they can happily leap, sleep and everything in between.

Designed to support a healthy gut microbiome

Packed with pro and postbiotics to support immunity

Pioneered from the latest biotics research

Developed by veterinarians

Our Ingredients

Gut-loving ingredients

Protexin supplements are made with high-quality ingredients, recommended by veterinarians. Our range includes pro and postbiotics which help keep your dog’s gut healthy, with active ingredients to proactively support their digestion, immune health, wellness and more.

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From digestion to mobility, our range of biotics cover everything your pet needs to live their best life.
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