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It's what inside that counts

Ingredients in Protexin Biotics

Protexin Biotics are created to naturally maintain the balance of your dog’s gut. Using the latest gut health research, we create high-quality supplements from the best ingredients.

What are biotics?

Biotics keep your dog’s gut healthy. These benefits start in the gut – then extend to the whole body, including the joints, brain and skin. There are 3 different kinds of biotics:


Live microorganisms shown to support the gut microbiome.


Selectively feed beneficial bacteria, supporting a diverse and healthy microbiome.


Inactivated microorganisms which remain bioactive in the gut and support overall gut health.

All 3 help create a healthy gut microbiome and in turn, a healthy dog.

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Why choose our chews?

Our chews are made without water, heat or gumming agents. This makes them gentle on the digestive system, while maintaining taste, texture and flavor.

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From digestion to mobility, our range of biotics cover everything your pet needs to live their best life.

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