Who are Protexin?

Part of the family

Protexin Pet Health is the sister brand of Protexin Veterinary, a recognised and trusted name in the veterinary market for over 20 years. With a dedicated brand, Protexin Pet is committed to supplying the highest quality products for pets.

Our priority is your pet’s health

As leaders in probiotics and gut health, we take pride in helping to support happy and healthy pets to keep them doing what they do best!

We speak the language of cat and dog

We know our furry friends can sometimes be fussy, that’s why we are dedicated to producing innovative, high-quality products, for dogs and cats, that they will love.

Customer care for owners and pets

We have a dedicated skilled team of 6 vets who are experts in animal health and are on hand to help you and your pets make the most of your Protexin Pet products.

Science and nature in balance

Backed by science, our belief is that nature is an ideal source of effective healthcare solutions and that applied research and understanding can harness these solutions to the benefit of dogs and cats.


Who are Protexin Pet Health?

Protexin Pet Health is part of ADM Protexin, based in Somerset, UK, where we manufacture in our own purpose built state-of-the-art facility. This allows us to be completely in control of our commitment to the highest quality standards.

Our Commitment to Quality

As a company we are totally committed to the principles and application of Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems. Our objective is to purchase raw materials from Quality Assured preferred suppliers and to implement systems, which are designed to conform to cGMP Quality Standards.

All products are subject to the same high standard of production and quality control as pharmaceutical products and we hold the following quality certifications and are registered to: cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) by MHRA, ISO 9001:2015 and BETA NOPS, each of which involves regular audits to ensure standards are maintained.

Quality Control is implemented and maintained by our own in-house team backed by independent UKAS (United Kingdom Assurance Scheme) accredited microbiological and analytical laboratories which carry out the analysis of raw material and finished products. 

We have fully documented Quality Assurance, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), Health and Safety and Hygiene policies, which form the basis of all our procedures and operations.

By ensuring we have the facilities, procedures, quality systems and suitably trained and qualified personnel to carry out the manufacture of our products we are able to meet customer requirements and control product performance, despatch and transport, technical and sales support and all aspects of administration.

You can be confident that whether you buy a Protexin product for your practice or your pet, you are getting the highest quality, natural products backed by effective science.